Our Story

We have been working in sales and marketing since 2007 in a variety of industries with traditional and startup businesses.  In 2016, we decided to create Catskill Marketing to help local businesses in Orange County and the Hudson Valley realize the potential of simple and low cost marketing support.  We focus on providing valuable and affordable marketing services. We utilize the latest technology and experience in the digital landscape to bring results in each unique business. Every day we work with integrity, accountability, optimism and fun to help businesses grow in todays ever changing world.

Matt Gottlieb Catskill Marketing Photo

Matt Gottlieb
Partner / Co-Founder

Clarkson University: BS Engineering & Management 2007

Entrepreneur with an engineering background and proven record in marketing, relationship development, strategic thinking, leadership, and sales execution focused on innovation and growth.

Hobbies: Rally, Family life, Photography

Current Racecar: 2007 Subaru Sti Open class Rally Car

Bea Arner Catskill Marketing

Bea Arner
Marketing Manager

Hofstra University: BA Communications

Bea is a creative marketing professional and graphic designer who is passionate about local small businesses and seeing them thrive. 

Hobbies: Cat-Mom Life, Pretending to be Funny, Friends & Family, Checking Out Local Breweries

Current Racer: 2013 Hyundai Tucson

Indigo Charles - Marketing Specialist at Catskill Marketing

Indigo Charles
Marketing Specialist

Howard University: B.B.A Marketing

Indigo is a creative marketing professional who specializes in digital branding and social media strategy. She believes living a life with positivity and grit will help you to achieve your biggest goals!

Hobbies: Family and friends, videography, exploring new cuisine, reading in nature

Current Racecar: Honda Accord 2009

Johnny Illanovsky

Pace University: BS Economics

Forward thinker with a more diverse and experienced background then most twice his age.

Hobbies: Dirt Racing, Family life, Fishing, Baseball Cards

Current Racecar: Sportsman – Dirt Racing


Our philosophy is to be as efficient as possible for the companies we partner with.  We start with projects that are the best bang for your buck and work out from there.


We’ve designed our services around providing everything a small businesses needs when they’re starting out or when they have finally decided to embrace google and social media.  Working with us is always a fast, easy and hassle-free experience.  Our job is to make your life easier so you can do what you do best. We take the responsibility of having to manage a website, social media, and digital advertising off your plate so you can continue to use your time more effectively.

We are passionate about what we do. Schedule a meeting with and give us the opportunity to dive in and provide you some value.