Hootsuite just put out their 6th annual social trends report for 2022. This report is backed by global data, displaying survey data by over 18,000 marketers and experts in insights. Furthermore, packed with information beneficial to businesses of all sizes to utilize social marketing, commerce and costumer care strategies. Let’s analyze the five trends together to understand the social shift in all aspects of a business. 

Trend 1 – The Brand Strategy Trend 

Brands finally get community right with the help of creators

In a previous article, “The Evolution of Marketing in the 21st Century,” we discussed this trend from our perspective. 

Hootsuite emphasizes how digital communities have never been more affluent, vibrant, and impactful on our daily life experiences. 77% of people say the most critical group they are a part of operates online. 

Now businesses see creators as online communities’ lifeblood and allocate more funds to implement this into their brand strategies. So instead of building a community from the ground up, companies will tap into creators’ communities to learn more about customers, simplify content and create brand awareness. 25% of a customer’s purchase decisions are based on a brand’s cultural involvement. With more than 50 million people considering themselves creatives, there are also 50 million communities with varying morals and beliefs. Companies are aligning themselves with creators that mesh with their existing company values. 

Trend 2 – The Social Advertising Trend 

Marketers, get creative as consumers wise up to social ads.

More than half of the marketers surveyed planned to increase sending on social advertising in 2022. In addition, they are creating clear plans to invest more in Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Linkedin beyond the tried and true channels. But the most significant increases in both spending and perceived effectiveness belong to TikTok, Pinterest, and Snapchat. For example, Tiktok saw a 700% year-over-year increase in perceived effectiveness. Consumers are more receptive to ads on these networks because they encourage advertisers to create engaging content that fits organically into platforms. In addition, consumers have expressed they want advertisers to stop interrupting start inspiring. As a business, Be part of everyday conversations, sparking thought-provoking discussion and connection. Work harder to create ads that mirror and enrich the unique experience offered by each social network. All of this will help your business leverage social advertising. 

Trend 3 – The ROI Trend 

Social Quietly Matures Beyond The Marketing Department

Marketers have always had trouble attributing social to business outcomes, but this changed because brands had to transition to social channels to survive the pandemic. As a result, businesses have become more confident in quantifying the ROI of social. The companies most optimistic in the ROI of social exhibit 3 distinct characteristics that separate them from other brands:

  1. Integrated social media with the rest of their marketing efforts.
  2. Strongly agree that social listening has increased in value for their organizations
  3. Have unified paid and organic social media strategies 

Bold businesses in 2022 will strive to deliver the kind of impact they’ve seen social have on their marketing elsewhere in their organizations, such as the HR department, sales, customer care divisions.

Trend 4 – The Social Commerce Trend 

Social Becomes The Heart Of The Post-Pandemic Shopping Experience

84% of consumers turned to online shopping for their basic needs in the pandemic. During the first 90 days of the pandemic, eCommerce saw more growth than it did in the previous decade. It’s nearly two years later and expected to keep growing. A considerable part of this serge is social commerce, which is worth more than half a trillion dollars.

Social has become the backbone of modern-day shopping, 53.2% of global internet users aged 16-24 use each channel as a primary source of information when researching brands. In addition, more people are using social media to research products before purchases and then can purchase right on the platform. Thus, social is the new interface for commerce. In 2022, small businesses will streamline customer experiences across social storefronts and real-life while larger enterprises tests the limits of the online shopping experience.

Trend 5 – The Customer Care Trend 

Social Marketers Save Their Brand From The Customer Service Apocalypse

Social is a quick, convenient and effective way to have consumers’ voices heard and their problems solved. For example, 64% of consumers prefer to message a business over calling them inspiring companies to deliver a more proactive customer care experience. Additionally, 59% of organizations’ say social customer care has increased in value over the past 12 months. This shift in communication has been effective for the customer and helps companies stay accountable through their interactions. 

All in all, socials changing. Fast. Customer care is red-hot, social commerce is booming, and TikTok can’t be ignored. Getting lost is easy. Do not let it be your company.

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