Race season is quickly approaching and Catskill Marketing has taken on a new role with Halmar International to be a part of their team for marketing and Public relations.

Co-founder of Catskill Marketing Johnny Illanovsky has always had an eye for creative solutions in motorsports marketing, designed to capture the attention of both the fans and potential sponsors.

Johnny has committed to the entire 2018 schedule to oversee all aspects of marketing and head up their efforts to bring new sponsors to the Halmar International #52 Chevy Silverado. Johnny’s expertise in social media marketing will enable him to bring Stewart Friesen and the #52 truck before thousands of fans daily. It is not easy to conquer the sport of NASCAR and all the series that falls within, but the Catskill Marketing team and their strong roots and strategy in the racing industry is eager to put their talent and ability to work on the big stage.

Johnny will produce a YouTube mini series following not only the 52 truck of Stewart Friesen but the North east dirt mod teams of Jimmy Horton, Allison Ricci, Matt Janiak, Tyler Boniface and Danny Morgiewicz, giving fans a behind the scenes look at the stock car racing lifestyle. In the world of marketing in Motorsports it is no longer enough to stick a sponsor’s logo on a track car, at the very least, it also includes being active on all social media platforms. To draw in more sponsors, it’s important to promote your current sponsors as much as you can, while bringing something different from the other teams that are vying for the same sponsors.

Catskill Marketing’s plan sees us following the drivers from their shops to the tracks. We want you to witness the personality of each driver. See what goes on behind the scenes, as Stewart Friesen does double duty with his Dirt Modified in Volusia and conquering his season opener of the Campinging World Truck Series. Then catch Allison Ricci, who has a family with deep roots in Short track dirt racing, continue to advance her career as one of the few female racers in the sport to run with the veterans.  Go behind the scenes with her and her team as they prepare for the 2018 season in her family’s shop.

Through our new partnership with Halmar, we also have the opportunity to help racing legend Gary Balough promote his book. Watch closely to what we will be doing with this team and what we have in store as we move the sport forward in terms of off the track presence and seeing how it all goes down off the track!

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