When looking for a certain product or looking for a new place to grab lunch, what do you base your decisions on? Do you just wing it and buy the first choice that pops up? Do you base your selection off the price and go with the cheapest option? Do you research and read multiple reviews? Today, more consumers are basing their purchases off others feedback and reviews of products and services. Consumers are talking and the entire market is listening. Catskill Marketing allows for positive reviews to be broadcast and attract future consumers.

The fact that businesses are not in charge of their reputation could be fearful information, but businesses are able to have some reign over the opinions of consumers. Organizations must be tuned into the voices of their customers, whether the criticism be positive or negative. Many open forums such as Facebook, Yelp, and TripAdvisor, allow any customer to write their unfiltered opinion and rate any business. Companies must combat the critical voice in every consumer and address the issue. Businesses can read and respond to the reviews of their consumer, while improving the quality of their business.

Businesses are able to manage criticism with a direct line to the customer of the business. Customer relations is the practice and strategy to manage customer interactions. If someone had an unpleasant experience with your company and they post about it, then you may apologize and ask exactly what happened. By reaching out to an upset customer, organizations improve their customer relations and possibly convince them to return to the business. Customer service is now translated through an internet server instead of a face to face interaction, but the same principles apply.

Feedback of consumers can be a helpful or hurtful tool, depending on how businesses use the information provided. Companies can interact with consumers about their experiences and fix the problems at hand. Consumer reviews do have a mighty impact on others’ purchasing choices. Businesses must tune in to monitor their feedback from customers online in open forums.

Catskill Marketing is centered in Middletown, New York and provides marketing services that include monitoring ratings of consumers. Our marketing team ensures that positive ratings will be displayed on business pages. Catskill Marketing aims to grow companies, but understands that the consumer is now in more control than ever before.

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