When you need to find directions to an out of town restaurant, where do you look for turn by turn directions? When you need someone to watch your pet for the weekend while you take a vacation, where do you look? Or when in need for a home improvement worker, where do you look to find local workers? For these questions, you more than likely do an Internet search, or more specifically Google. The days of flipping through The Yellow Pages are a thing of the past. Throughout a day, how many times do you search common questions on the Internet? Here’s a fun fact: Google processes over 3.5 billion searches per day. Catskill Marketing knows the science behind a flawless website design and the skill of search engine optimization for all business types.

Websites are a collection of pages posted on the Internet that connects the publisher and user. The function of the Internet has created a whole new type of business and communication, known as e-commerce or e-business. Organizations’ websites can connect producers and consumers with ease, also allowing their business to be discovered. Website design and theme are critical to a business’s website; consumers want to be welcomed in to find information and navigate the web page with ease. This advancement in technology allows for businesses to process information much faster than ever before; now companies can track their website traffic and feedback from consumers with the click of a button. It is simple: if your business is not online, the consumers will not find it.


Website Benefits for Businesses:

  • Web Presence – A website legitimizes a business and creates an online market available 24/7 to increase consumer outreach
  • Provide Information – Deliver FAQs to provide information on demand with instant answers, which brings consumers closer to a sale
  • Market Your Business Online – No other marketing tactic is as powerful as a website, only if done with the correct tools and tactics
  • Generate Leads – Produce online advertisements that draw customers into your website to automate a sale
  • Generate Sales – No matter your business type or industry, a website is constantly available online and working, even when you are asleep


Catskill Marketing is here to help all businesses excel at their website connections to consumers. Our marketing plan partners with your business to ensure complete satisfaction and sales increase. Catskill Marketing produces interactive web design with our graphic design skills based on the company’s needs. As a marketing company, we also install and maintain all aspects of websites. Catskill Marketing’s goal is enhancing flow of business through our thorough website design process to reach consumers across Orange County, New York and beyond. One of our website tactics is to increase a business’s SEO (search engine optimization) so the company website appears higher on the search engine results page. The Catskill Marketing team are experts at the website design process, along with incorporating search engine optimization technology.

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