How many times a day do you catch yourself scrolling through your social media feed? It has been recorded that much of the population spends the better half of an hour every day, pursuing through social media content. Social media has captured the attention of consumers and businesses need to follow this trend. Social media is the new way of marketing businesses and interacting with consumers. When dealing with social media, users must be aware of the do’s and don’ts to capture a large following.

  1. Listening – Marketers must be able to listen to their consumers more than talk, so businesses need to add value to the conversations their target market is involved in rather than start their own topics.
  2. Focus – Companies need to center their attention on one specific strategy to build a brand instead of being a jack of all trades. A narrow focus allows for a greater chance of success of reaching your target market than a broad strategy to influence everyone.
  3. Quality – Quality of social media posts and views trumps quantity; an organization would rather have less views from consumers that create connections rather than have more views without any connections made.
  4. Patience – Social media fame and success does not happen in a blink of an eye, so marketers must commit to the long haul of working to slowly gain the desired results.
  5. Compounding – When a business publishes a quality post and builds their online audience, then followers will share the post to other forms of social media. Your company’s one post could be linked to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat.
  6. Influence – Companies should discover and connect with users that have an established following and influence on who they interact with. Once your organization is on the radar of someone with power, they could share your products/services with their large following to create more buzz.
  7. Acknowledgment – Business owners need to build relationships with people who reach out to them; so never neglect, and ignore followers who connect the business.
  8. Value – Organizations should not spend all their time online promoting their products/services, people will stop listening when you only talk about yourself. Marketers should focus more on creating valuable content and creating relationships with their consumers.
  9. Accessibility – Once content is published, make sure to keep the information available to your audience. Social media followers will forget and replace your company if they do not see anything posted for weeks.
  10. Reciprocity – Marketers cannot expect followers to share your posts if you do not do the same for them; a portion of your time must be dedicated to sharing and interacting with your followers.

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