While scrolling through Facebook feed, do you pay attention to business sponsored ads? Would you categorize those posts as a form of advertising or marketing? Often, people interchange the terms marketing and advertising, but the terms are not synonymous. Catskill Marketing’s team is capable of broadcasting organizations with both techniques in mind.

Marketing is the business of promoting and selling given products and services. Marketing is also designed to touch prospective consumers or current consumers. Also, marketing would be considered the ‘big picture’ capturing the ideas of an entire company’s campaign. Customer support, budget plans, and product pricing are all variables of marketing.

Marketing Plans:

Analysis of target market with market size and market segments
SWOT analysis of channels distribution and competitor’s products
Development of pricing strategies along with sales tracking and market share
Marketing budget plan
Meanwhile, advertising is a type of marketing activity that is a paid form of non-personal communication. Many consumers are captured primarily by the creative art of advertising. Advertising includes: paid Facebook ads, billboards, commercials, and magazine print ads. Advertising is only a vital sliver of what marketing entails.

Advertising Campaigns:

Analysis of market share as well as description of target markets
Detailed list of media channels with media mix
Advertising budget
Develop copy, layouts, storyboards, and scripts
Pre-& Post-analysis to measure the impact of advertising

Catskill Marketing is based out of Orange County, New York, and works with surrounding businesses; so, we recognize the importance of both marketing and advertising. Our marketing specialists collaborate with companies to design an extensive marketing plan that includes an advertising segment. Catskill Marketing has a variety of marketing options from website deign to social media marketing. Our marketing team is capable of photography and video work along with editing to ensure a picture-perfect marketing campaign for businesses. From Warwick to Monticello, Catskill Marketing is equipped to broadcast organizations on both a marketing and advertising level.

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