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Our team is comprised of experienced and passionate photographers with experience in film production. In digital marketing, quality visual content always gets better results.Show off your business in high definition with photos shot by Catskill Marketing.

“A picture is worth a thousand words.”

Our Expertise

We know that different businesses have distinct reputation management needs. We will monitor your business and keep you ahead of the curve. We don’t just focus on public perception, but also on the buying drivers for specific products and services.

What Makes Us Different.

We are not just a phone number or an email address.We are actual people that you will have face to face time. We meet with you to discuss business strategy and your marketing goals.If you don’t have any, we will help you create some.

On Location Photo & Video Services.

We’ll come to you for your event, game, ceremony, seminar, convention or anything else you or your business would like documented in video or photos.  We are equipped with numerous cameras and equipment for all situations.  It is a well known fact now that online marketing and social media is enhanced greatly by visual content, don’t miss an opportunity to generate valuable content for your business.

Animating Your Logo

In any video we produce, your logo will be present of course, but an enhancement we always recommend is an animated logo.  Instead of simply fading up or superimposing your logo over video, we can animate your logo to better fit in with video content or make it more visually exciting.  A simple movement coinciding with sound effects can make your logo jump right out of the video and make a more measurable impact on the viewer.

Editing Videos can be a Daunting Task.

With the now ubiquitous nature of smart phones and digital photography, it can be easier to capture video on your own, but how to edit it into a form that is presentable on your website or social media account?  Our team can take that raw video and turn it into a polished piece for you to use in promoting your business.  We can add transitions, titles, correct color and exposure if need be, add music and sound effects and so much more.  Visual content means higher engagement in your marketing campaigns, but an unpolished video can hurt your brand, let us guide you in the creation of your visual content for the best possible results.

Our Photo & Video Services Include

  • Shooting photo or video on-site
  • Product photos for your online store
  • Editing for pre-existing video or photos
  • Adding titles and special effects to your video
  • Animating your Logo for videos
  • Adding music and sound effects to videos

An updated video about membership at Palmer Motorsports Club.  A members only club that has access to over 100 days each year.  Located in central MA, Palmer Motorsports Park is one of the most fun and challenging racetracks in the country. 

Oakland Valley Race Park is a cart racing track in Cuddebackville NY.  In the spring of 2017 they revamped their track with new pavement and other improvements.  Catskill Marketing documented the process and produced this video showing the progression of work and final product.

Our clients, Rob Sherlock Roofing, donated and built a state of the art dog park for the Humane Society of Port Jervis, so we made them a short video to show the versatility of their business.They may specialize in roofing jobs but are capable of so much more.

Palmer Motorsports Park of Massachusetts is one of the Northeast’s premier private road courses.For their event with Race Cars for a Cause, a non-profit that gets combat veterans into race cars, we put together a video with an interview with the organizations founder.

One of the most popular events at the historic Orange County Fair speedway is the twice annual Demo Derby landing on dates during the county fair.Jack Shaft racing, known locally in Orange County and beyond as one of the most dominant derby enthusiasts, asked to have the event documented with action cameras set up throughout his car.The results were quite exhilarating.

Selling your home for the best value can be difficult, but with the right marketing it can become that much easier.Our video services are a great way to show off your home and all its features to potential buyers.

An effective way to show off your business’s services is the “Before and After.” Typically photos are used to demonstrate your ability to make a positive change or improvement, but why not video instead?For Rob Sherlock Roofing, we made a before and after video to show how they can truly transform a home.

We do a lot with action cameras at Catskill Marketing, as we have multiple clients in the field of racing or motorsports.Young up and comer, Anthony Perrego, had been showing off some serious moves at Orange County Fair Speedway during the 2017 season, so we set him and his car up with multiple angles and cut a video to show him off a little.

Need a video to promote an upcoming event?We are known for our ability to produce video on a deadline, meaning that you will have ample time to get your video seen by the maximum amount of possible attendees, not stuck waiting for the video to be edited.

Animated logos have become popular in online videos.Does your company logo need to be brought into the modern age?We can take that old logo, digitize and animate it, or create a fresh new logo for your business or brand.

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