Do you ever find yourself glancing at your phone while waiting on line at the grocery store? What about at your house when watching television? Or on your lunch break at work? So, have you ever considered the amount of time you spend scrolling through social media posts? An average person spends approximately sixty minutes a day scrolling through posts on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat combined. Catskill Marketing specializes in social media marketing and recognizes the importance for business to be connected with their consumers online.

With technological advances, consumers are taking to social media to broadcast their personal lives, alongside businesses’ advertising their products/services. Social media can be a tool to increase brand exposure and broaden customer outreach. Numerous companies have already taken advantage of social media to promote their business. Organizations that utilize the benefits of online marketing have received more recognition than ever before. Every time a user likes or shares a post online, then the same post can be seen by multiple other users, therefore gaining more exposure. Social media users have stated they would rather view a quick photo rather than reading a post in their busy lifestyles.

Consumers are now flocking to social media posts and reviews to find products and services. Social media allows for constant and quick interactions between producer and consumers; for example, users from Port Jervis are able to instantly post a picture to Instagram and review their food at a restaurant in Sullivan. So simultaneously after a consumer receives a product or service, they can voice their unfiltered opinion for others to read.  Social media is a double-edged sword, giving consumers the upper hand. Companies can advertise and connect with consumers, but are unable to control the opinions of their consumers. Organizations can listen and respond easily to customers’ comments.

Marketing businesses are engaging in the social media craze to ensure optimal promotion for their businesses. Our company is fully aware of the impact and importance of social media to consumers, so Catskill Marketing is prepared to satisfy all digital marketing needs. Catskill Marketing is tracking consumer behaviors to reach the maximum number of consumers. Our graphic design skills, photography, and video tools can create countless posts for a certain business to be shared online. Social media marketing is a booming industry to make an organization become known. Our marketing team uses social media daily for our personal lives, so we are fully aware of how to correctly make an organization known online. Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat are all social media outlets that businesses could be marketed on. The Catskill Marketing Team is fully equipped to navigate all forms of social media to improve consumer reach for all different industries.

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