Manage your Google My Business

What to update on your Google Business Page

1) Make sure you have selected your primary category and as many subcategories as you can that are relevant.

2) Add your contact information, phone number, website link

3) Add the appropriate service areas

4) Add photos for each of the services you offer

5) Add each service offered in the services tab for those services where there was not a category

6) Add a post as often as you can.  It allows once a week.  If you can I would post something on there as much as possible.

Last and one of the MOST important points.

7) Reviews:  On the home page there is a button that says “share review form” this will give you a link like this: https://g.page/catskillmarketing/review?rc

Ask every customer, vendor and everyone you work with to post a review and send them the link.  This will help build trust with and help in search results tremendously.

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